What the heck is a Yellow Hammer – and how on earth does one rammer-jammer with it?  We understand that as an out-of-state student, you are bound to have a lot of questions about your new community.  One question that we hope you never have is, “how do I get involved on this campus.”  The Office of Student Involvement exists to help get you connected to the groups, activities, or experiences that will enable you get everything you want out of your college experience.

The primary way that our office works to help get you plugged in on our campus is to work directly with our coordinating body for out-of-state students, The 49.  The 49 is a unique student organization dedicated to connecting and unifying the out-of-state student body at the University of Alabama.  Through social activities, mentoring programs, and community service initiatives, The 49 aspires to make life on campus a more positive and enriching experience while facilitating students’ transition to a world-renowned university.  Additionally, The 49 works directly with the University Administration to change policies, encourage student involvement, and increase out-of-state student attendance and retention.

For more information about The 49, please visit their mySOURCE page.