Grants and allocations are resources that provide monetary and equipment support to student organizations for programming needs.  Through this page, you can find out more information about available grant processes, their timeline, and application processes.  Most of these grant processes require detailed planning, so check into the process early and plan ahead, if this is a resource that you hope to utilize!

Pepsi Allocation

Registered student organizations are eligible for $75 worth of Pepsi products per year. From soft drinks to customizable banners, these products are an awesome resource for events and publicity. Your allocation amount is kept in a spreadsheet with our office.  Once you have reached your designated amount, you will not be eligible for additional funds.  All funds come from a large pot that is first come first serve. For more information or to submit a request for the pepsi allocation, student organizations should visit The SOURCE website under the “Org Support and Consultations” section of the resources tab.

Bama Dining Food Grant

University Dining Services (Bama Dining), a part of Enterprise Operations, provides an opportunity for organizations to receive money for food and refreshments at designated programs and events. Grants being offered may not exceed $1,000 annually to a specific student organization in an academic year.  Donations are only available to organizations registered and active with The SOURCE and are to be used for programs/events held on campus.   The Enterprise Operations Funding application will require student organizations to submit information about their event or program, the food items desired, and how this assistance will benefit their program.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff, and students.  For more details about the process, please visit The SOURCE website under the “Financial Resources” section.

SOURCE Collaborative Grant

The SOURCE Board of Governors oversees a process that offers student organization grants of varying amounts for collaborative events that positively impact the UA community.  The Collaborative Grant application will be available online on mySOURCE through the Campus Links tab, or by clicking the link above. Applications are typically accepted in mid fall semester, and are judged by a committee of SOURCE Board members, administrators, and students. Be sure to reach out to the SOURCE Director of Finance or Director of Partnership & Engagement for details. As the process evolves, the timeline and details will be provided on The SOURCE website under the “Financial Resources” section.