Because of their affiliation with UA and official recognition by The Office of Student Involvement, student organizations may have access to available campus space, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, and meeting spaces to host events and programs on campus.  This page shares a few of the most popular event spaces available to students organization.  It is not an exhaustive list of everything that is available, but does seek to keep student organizations up-to-date on the most utilized space resources around campus.  The Office of Student Involvement will periodically monitor and update this page for changes that may occur within the respective areas represented.

SOURCE Meeting Space

Registered student organizations can request the use of the open SOURCE space for meetings or programs.  There are 3 space available which include the SOURCE Lounge, SOURCE Open Table, and SOURCE Conference Room.  Click below to make a room reservation request for the SOURCE meeting space.  The Open Table features seating for 15 with moveable furniture that can be re-configured.  The SOURCE Lounge consists of soft seating and access to power outlets.  The Conference Room consists of a boardroom table for 12-15 and a white board.  To inquire about the process for making reservations, please contact us for more details.

Ferguson Center Reservations

The Ferguson Center has a variety of rental options, from small meeting spaces to large banquet halls. Organizations can even request information tables or big screen promotion options to maximize exposure of their events/causes. To view all of the forms for reservations and policies, visit the Ferguson Student Center website.

AIME Building Reservations

The University of Alabama Institute for Manufacturing Excellence (AIME) Facility is a 50,000-square-foot building used for interdisciplinary research and development and outreach.  Sections of the building are in use at all times by one or more of the AIME Centers.  However, selected rooms may be used by UA organizations.  Please note that AIME requires reservations well in advance of your desired program, but it might be a great space for your organization.  For more information about AIME reservation process is can be found at the AIME website.

Bidgood Reservations

Room reservations are also available at Bidgood Hall.  However, they may require a training session or additional information from the faculty/staff advisor of the student organization.  For more information visit, Tech Classroom Reservations.

205 Gorgas Library and Group Study Reservations

To reserve 205 Gorgas, you should contact the University Libraries Business Office. View the Ask a Librarian page for information about group study space.  The room can only be used for academic events such as lectures, exhibits, award ceremonies, etc. The room cannot be booked for organizational meetings or on-going events.  Please review their guidelines for additional information.

Academic Buildings (i.e- Lloyd, Russell, Farrah)

To schedule events in the following building, you will need to know the name of your event, date/time, description, expected number of attendance, and contact information of your faculty/staff advisor.  For information visit Registrar Academic Scheduling.  There may be strict policies on time before event, so plan accordingly and reach out at least 2 weeks before your event.

University Recreation Space Reservations

Registered Student Organizations (RSO): The individual to be present and responsible (RSO Advisor) must complete and submit application to the Assistant Director or designee of UREC. Advisor and/or RSO President should meet with the Assistant Director (or designee) for final approval and event details if requested. If the reservation is for more than 75 attendees for an activity such as a recognized social, a fundraiser, or end-of-semester/year celebration, etc., it will require registration approval through The SOURCE event management system and may require UA Police Department for event security at an additional cost. Contact  UREC Facility Reservations for more information.