Often students want to know why they should really get involved.  Below we have provided the top reasons for involvement, which we feel provide benefits to your experience at The University of Alabama.  For more information about how to get involved, please contact our office.

The Top Reasons to Get Involved

  • Getting involved makes a large campus feel small.
  • You can “Do more in 4” and maximize the opportunities and skills you gain.
  • Involvement allows you to explore the campus.
  • Through connecting with your passion, you will find and create lifelong friendships.
  • Involvement can help you find and fuel your your passion.
  • Build your resume’ and Co-Curricular Transcript through involvement.
  • Gain Leadership skills.
  • Expand yourself outside your major to be a more well-rounded and marketable professional.
  • Increase your ability to network with others through involvement.
  • Involvement puts your talents to use.
  • Involvement improves time management.
  • Through involvement, students learn to achieve personal excellence.
  • Involvement allows you to give back to the community
  • Your thinking is widened and you gain new perspectives through involvement.
  • You get to apply what you are learning.
  • Involvement is an avenue for guaranteed enjoyment of your college experience!