UA Crossroads P.I.E. Team Application

UA Crossroads is in the process of recruiting for their Practicing Inclusive Engagement (P.I.E.) Team. Students who apply for the P.I.E. Team will have the opportunity to build their leadership skills and help UA Crossroads staff facilitate P.I.E workshops!  The P.I.E. Team is a group of students who are recruited and trained to facilitate the Practicing Inclusive Engagement (P.I.E.) workshops developed by the Crossroads Community Center (UA Crossroads). Students who are P.I.E. Team members have the opportunity to build their leadership skills, work with other student leaders and professionals from UA and the Tuscaloosa community, and to develop facilitation skills to effectively conduct workshops that seek to create a more inclusive campus and community culture.  Application Information:  Deadline:  Friday, August 19, 2017.

Involvement Genius Application

Involvement Geniuses are responsible for promoting involvement opportunities and engaging students, staff, and faculty in information about various options on UA’s campus.  The Involvement Genius acts as an ambassador for campus engagement and should be knowledgeable and/or passionate about “Being in the Know” at UA.  This is a great opportunity to give back and be a leader among your peers!  Application Information:  Deadline:  September 3, 2017