The Trunk Rewards Program is an incentive-based rewards system for student organizations.  Through the Trunk Rewards program, student organizations can earn points as individuals and by bring topics into their organization.  Those points can then be redeemed for resources and services in The Trunk, our very own student organization business center.

When you enroll in The Trunk Rewards program as a student leader, you unlock the potential to earn your organization a number of rewards, services, free merchandise, monetary funding, leadership resource incentives, and MORE!

For every approved campus program or activity you attend, you will receive Trunk Points.  These points will be redeemable and our office will keep track of them by ensuring that each event is well documented.  To gain credit for attendance at a Trunk Rewards event, you will simply upload a selfie for proof of attendance, a short reflection statement, and/or some other documentation of proof.  Based on the event and method of documentation, this might be modified.

To learn more about eligible events, see our Trunk Rewards Info Spreadsheet:

Trunk Rewards Info


Opt-In to the Trunk Rewards Program:

Opt-In to Trunk Rewards Program


Submit a Trunk Rewards Experience to collect your Points:

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Register an event from your department or organization as Trunk Points Eligible to be advertised to student leaders:

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